Weeknotes: 2020-08-01

  • I spent a day off watching a series of talks from JAMstack Conf, before getting wet and wild out on the bike: that was not a pleasurable experience.
  • This week I have been getting to grips with Figma. DesignLab’s Introduction to Figma, alongside Sketch Together’s video content have been useful.
  • This resulted in the illustration at the beginning of the page, inspired by RISD’s work for the 2006 Winter Olympics. I wanted to play with animation, and SVG will make that easier to achieve.
  • At Talis, we’ve been working hard to improve the interactive states of our interface elements to correct issues with contrast.
  • I played my first-ever game of Fortnite on Switch, and took the Victory Royale. I think I’ve peaked for 2020.
  • Rode RLSCC’s bash again this week and beat last week’s time by a couple of minutes. I’ve started adding some run training back into the schedule to maintain that fitness.