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  1. Designing for older people

    Jonathan Hassell's created a poster with hints and tips to help our older – more experienced - audiences.

  2. Blacklight

    "We also found more than 12,000 websites loaded scripts that watch and record all user interactions on a page—including scrolls and mouse movements." Gross.

  3. inaccessible.css

    I made a stylesheet to drop into your project in order to highlight #a11y flaws: it'll stick an obnoxious outline on any offending elements. I'm sure there are plenty more selectors to create, so PRs are more than welcome.

  4. Use Fujifilm X-T2 as webcam

    I thought I'd upgrade this week, and finally use my XT2 as my webcam for that sweet, sweet depth of field and forgiving lens length. While the readme suggests it only works with Chrome, it's been fine in Firefox.

  5. Styling visited links

    TIL: visited links can only be styled with a small subset of styles. Surprisingly, text-decoration is not amongst them.